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Marketing Agencies

With a 98% open rate and 47% click-through rate, WhatsApp offers marketing agencies a chance to stand out in a crowded digital landscape with human-to-human marketing.

Real EState

Follow up with targeted questions requesting budget, type of property and other questions


Verify and generate leads on WhatsApp with greeting and introductory messages

Travel & Tourism

Maintain customer engagement to encourage repeat bookings and enhance loyalty. Instead of offering discounts, ask satisfied customers for referrals.


Assist students in accessing courses and curriculum-related information instantly. Provide personalized reminders for upcoming examinations, fee payments, and results, among other things

Spa's & Salon's

Drive more bookings for your Spas and Salons with our exclusive personalized recommendations for services like stylish haircuts, rejuvenating facials, and much more.

Electronic Shops

Using various electronics shops owner to maintain their servicing and providing coupon discount to their customers.

Music Stores

The musical instruments and supplies industry is constantly changing and evolving and it is essential to have excellent follow-ups to be able to adapt to these changes.

Pet Stores

Basic communication that are suitable for a wide range of stores. Owners are managing cross selling and promotion management with ease of access.

Video Game Stores

Provide the complete and up-to-date Price Charting catalog for over hundreads of products, all UPCs, and also all available images, to be ready to sell online.

Children's Store

New revenue stream for stores looking for a powerful system to track consigned items.

Quick Food & Take Out

Create greater loyalty within your distribution networks and drive demand with attention-grabbing experiences.


Deliver engaging shopping experiences to digital-savvy customers.


Rethinking the future of retail with new digital experiences.

Gift Shop

Wrap the gift card within a message to decorate the decorum of the occasion.

Health & Beauty

Establish your brand as a leader through sales incentives and engagement programs.

Hardware Store

It can be complex, considering that this field offers so many business opportunities and that sport is becoming more and more popular.

Jwellery & Accessories

Share the collection with customers and group of people at single click.


To adapt to this growing and constantly evolving sports market, choosing an excellent way to interact with customers and find new leads.


Provide promotional, transactional, regional service based alerts and notification for your business needs.

Books, Hobbies & Toys

Provide alerts to customers to let them know what is important to them.


Easily manage gift cards and sell memberships. Offer your clients rebates or special perks for their fidelity.